Travel Destinations that you can enjoy permanently

There are a number of places around the world that one falls in love with when you visit them. Many of them are so great that you want to live on them forever. People around the globe flock to these destinations the year-round and they try to visit them the first chance they get. However, there are programmes in place that allow travellers to get their passports form these nations, making them permanent citizens of these nations. So they can enjoy their stay and then return whenever they want.


One of the most beautiful travel destinations is Cyprus. They have a program in place that allows visitors to get permanent passports from the nation after investing a certain amount of money directly into the economy. The price of the investment is set at 5 million Euros if any person is trying to invest as a single individual.  However, if a group of people are trying to get their passports through investment, they can pool their resources and they will then have to pay only 12.5 million Euros as a group of five. This will be enough for them. The passport is not delivered to the action of the individual, and therefore instead of visiting the consulate of Cyprus in their actions, they will have to travel to Cyprus and get their second passport in Cyprus.


Another great travel destination that people fall in love with is Malta. It is therefore great news for travellers that the Malta passport program is in full swing. With an investment of 1.15 million Euros, the people who visit the nation will have a permanent residency and citizenship of the nation. It should be kept in mind that as Malta is a part of the European Union, the passport has significant clout in the international community as well. This is just an added benefit of having the passport. The first benefit is that you can visit the great destination whenever you wish and there are no restrictions placed, rather you will have all the perks that come with being a citizen of the nation.

The Perks of Cyprus and Malta

Both of these travel destinations have been included in the top ten destinations to visit by many reliable sources, and they have the reputation of being breathtaking and serene. The people who have permanent passports through the investment programmes will have the great luxury of avoiding all the hassle and the problems that the common travelers face when they are trying to get from one country to another as a foreign individual. The passport also allows them to purchase land and property in these great destinations, so they can retire there as well if they so wish.