The causes and cure of hormonal problems

Hormonal imbalance is a very common health problem these days which further leads to other diseases. Hormones affect your physical, mental & emotional health. Also known as chemical messengers, these hormones play key role in controlling your weight, appetite, mood swings and many other functions of body. Endocrine glands in our body produce accurate amount of each hormone which is needed for specific processes of our bodies.  But due to some reasons hormonal imbalance has become a very common problem among people due to different reasons. It can result in many dangerous health consequences i.e. menstrual cycle disturbance, infertility, anxiety, weight gain, weight loss acne or stroke etc. There are endless problems which human system can face due to hormones ups and downs. That’s why it is a necessity of having a healthy life to take nutritious diet & maintain healthy life style in order to improve hormonal health.

Causes: There are many reasons of hormonal change. It could be a s simple as change in environment and stress to some complex thyroid system. Increased weight is due to increased body fat, in a woman’s body a sudden increase in weight increases estrogen level in our body which leads to hormonal imbalance. Also if thyroid gland produces too much or too little hormones, it becomes a problem for our internal system to deal with the change. Plus age factor also counts when it comes to hormonal changes. With increasing age, many systems of our daily life routine seems to be changed as chronic stress, exposure to toxins, less sleep, medication, nutritional deficiencies or excessive sugar or alcohol.  Other health problems like insulin imbalance, thyroid problems or fatigue are also triggers of hormonal imbalance in human body.

Treatment: There are many precautions which you can follow to keep your hormones in balance & healthy. Also, if you are facing any symptoms for a long time period you can visit your nearest endocrinologist in UAE. They are doctors who are trained to detect the hormonal problems& treat them. They treat this problem by restoring proper balance of hormones within our system. But you should follow some following instructions to take care of your hormonal health on your own:

1: Consume high fiber diet.

2: Avoid excessive sugary products

3: Get consistent sleep for 8 hours

4: Eat fish, eggs and take green tea

5: Try not to take stress

4: Stop over-eating or under-eating

7: Start regular exercise

Also, you should seek proper treatment from a scoliosis specialist in Dubai if you are suffering from this condition.