Tips to help you find the best dog boarding kennels

Kennels are known to provide shelter as well as care for dogs of all sizes and ages. While there are those that offer day time care, there are those too where you can leave your pet for overnight care as well. Day care facilities for dogs are now an extremely popular option as these are regularly used by pet owners who need to be away from home during the daytime. These are also very helpful in cases where you need to travel and wish to ensure the safety of your pet.

Looking for a dog boarding kennel

When looking for a Dubai kennel and cattery, it is best for you to consider multiple facilities before reaching a decision about where your furry best friend must be boarded. Look through the many different directories that are available on the internet. You can even get in touch with your friends and family members to acquire information about the dog boarding kennels that they have used.

What are your boarding needs?

Prior to even starting to look for a boarding facility for your dog, it is necessary for you to question yourself and find out what exactly it is that you are looking for in a boarding facility. The best thing for you to do in this regard is to make a list of elements that you are interested in so you can keep an eye out on them when visiting different facilities. The most basic elements that must be part of this list are the number of dogs that need to be boarded at the kennel and the number of days for which the need to stay there. Check out the calendar and see if you need to get your dog boarded during holiday season, and the pickup date and time. Remember, if you wish to get your dog boarded during the holiday season, it is necessary for you to inform the kennel beforehand so that space can be available for your best friend.

To ensure your reservation, it is necessary for you to make a booking ahead of time, particularly during the busiest seasons of the Year. The best part about this is that it will make it possible for you to get your pet checked and vaccinated by the veterinarian before he is boarded at the kennel. Remember, there are all sorts of dogs at the kennel, which deems it necessary for you to get your dog vaccinated beforehand. You must also pay due consideration to the operating hours of the kennel. These facilities typically tend to have strict timings for drop offs and pickups, so you must keep this in mind when scheduling your pet’s stay at the kennel. Try this website for more information.