Custom poker chips make great gifts

Irrelevant of what the occasion is, the most popular and hip personalized gifts for men in Dubai these days are custom poker chips. These amazing chips can be designed in any colour that you want and you can get your initials, photos or designs placed on to them to make it completely customized as your liking.

The best part about these customized chips is that they can even be used by businesses as both a gift item as well as a marketing tool by getting their business logo placed over them. To create custom poker chips, either an insert is created in the middle or designs are stamped over them. However, when getting them custom made, there usually is a minimum amount that you would need to purchase. These chips can be customized in any design and colour. To give them that true casino appearance and feel, the most commonly used material for these is clay. The next time that you have a card game at home, you can expect these to be an amazing hit so make sure that you get them not just for yourself, but for your friends and family as well.

Considering the fact that poker is a betting game, it is best to have these made in different denominations.  The value of these chips can range from a mere five cents to a full five thousand dollars and even more. Having to play a game of poker with marked custom poker chips is far easier considering that you do not need to remember what colour chips corresponds with which value.

The best means of getting your poker chips customized is to get your initials or a monogram printed over them. As for the text and font, let your imagination run free as it can be anything that you want. Another very popular choice these days is to have artwork printed over them or perhaps even have a photograph so as to give them that unique, special and personalized appearance, which is all what custom poker chips are all about.

Also used as wedding favors, these amazing items can additionally be used as presents over birthdays and even retirements along with a fruit bouquet in Dubai. These can be used as a distinctive marketing method by businesses by getting their logo printed over the chips. Moreover, business owners can also give these out as freebies and perhaps even use them as business cards. Whoever receives them as a business card or a freebie is sure to remember the company as one that is truly unique in terms of its marketing and promotions.