4 Must-Know When Booking A Performer For Your Company Party

Staging a company party includes making sure that the employees are entertained from start to finish. With that, you need to ensure that you get the right kind of entertainer and performer for the shindig. But booking a performer is not just about contacting him/her to perform in your event. In fact, lots of preparation is needed to ensure that you can provide the audience the entertainment they deserve/


Here are some airtight tips from experts in flash mob choreography that will ensure that your guests will have a good time:


  1. Plan ahead


Planning is a crucial part of staging a company party. You don’t just send a party invitation without determining the details of the event, including the entertainment. Make sure that before you send out your invitations, you already have a confirmed performer for the event. It would be best if you can scout a number of entertainers and performers to show up and perform on your event. Having only one is a dangerous gamble for you. Having a few can help you provide optimal entertainment to your guests.


  1. Determine your budget


Most party organizers set aside a budget for entertainment. Be sure to determine how much you are willing to shell out for booking and paying performers. It would be best not to low ball the performers too much when you are in the negotiation process. This might create a negative impression of your company and entertainment agencies might brand you on their industry, making it hard for you book performers for your next event.


  1. Get to know the performer


Not knowing the performers you book is not only disrespectful but it also create a negative impression of you. Although you will be paying them to perform at your event, you need to treat them like guests. You need to keep in mind that they will be the ones to provide entertainment to your guests. Not knowing their names might set off a wrong vibe to them.


  1. Give them a sequence guide


Most of the time, performers ask for sequence guide to know when is their time to perform. Be sure to provide them a copy of the program prior to the scheduled event. Also, inform them of the changes in the sequences so they can adjust accordingly. Not doing so would cause confusion and miscommunication between the two parties.


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