Tell-tale Signs That You Need To Consult A Psychotherapist

Even today, there is a stigma whenever you hear the words “psychotheraphy” or “psychiatrist”. The thought of going to see and consult one will give you that weird look from friends and relatives. But in reality, there are a lot of reasons why you need to see a trusted psychotherapist. Sadly, the negative connotation prevents those who are in need of these professionals’ help.

Mental health issues are one of the most ignored illnesses and also one of the most fatal disease to battle, especially with the stigma going around the community. The negative label put into these illnesses have causes patients to secretly deal with their ailments without seeking professional help.

If you are feeling these signs, then it might be best to contact a psychotherapist in Dubai.

  • Intense feeling of sadness, anger and not being yourself

Have you been feeling down without reason? Are you feeling the deep sense of sense and you don’t know why? Then it can be a sign of mental health issue. It is normal to feel sad or angry for a brief moment. But if these feelings often surface and you are not able to control these emotions, it is high time to consult with a psychotherapy Dubai expert to help you deal with these feelings appropriately. Other signs that you need to watch out for is sudden shift in appetite and changes in sleep patterns without reasons that can affect your normal daily function.


  • Coping through other negative means

Every one of us has our own way of dealing with things to be able to control our emotions. However if these habits go out of hand and can cause harm to yourself and to others, it might be best to talk to someone. Addicting behaviors (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.) and habits are serious matter that needs to be deal with as early as possible. If this is treated early, patients can find healthy diversions that can help them to be better individuals.


  • You lost someone you value the most

Losing someone you love or close to you is very hard to deal with. Some people deal with the lost for months to years and it can also affect their way of life. If you are feeling intense sadness due to loss of a loved one, find someone that can help you go through this difficult process of acceptance. You can confide with a friend or with a professional who can assists you on dealing with grief.


  • You’ve been or survived a traumatic situation

Traumatic situations can go from natural disasters, accidents to man-made inflicted situations (abuse, neglect, crime, etc.). Victims of these situations find it hard to have a fresh start at life. Some may be able to deal on their own, but there are others who need guidance to get back up again. A psychotherapist can help these victims deal traumatic experiences and help them get back on their normal lives.


  • You lost the appetite and zest for life

There are moments in our lives that we feel that life is not worth living for. It can be because of our life struggles and things that you are going through. Others cannot point out where this feeling is coming from. Whatever your reasons are, a professional can help you cope with these feelings and get that zest back.