Starting University? Here’s a go-to guide for Freshers

For most students, starting university will mean an inevitable surge of exhilaration combined with rising waves of panic; living on their own for the first time and fending for themselves isn’t something most freshers are prepared for. While in the beginning, the transition may seem stressful and nerve-wracking, diligent preparation can ease the students into their new home and lift the burden off their hands. Here are a few essentials for Uni that you need to make certain of before moving:

Before You Move

Before you leave the nest and make for your new university accommodation, you should set up an insurance policy to cover your room as soon as possible. Even better, seek out insurance policies that cover damages or loss incurred by your property, while you are walking around campus. In addition, also consider setting up a student bank account.

Complete all Documents

While in the throes of packing, it is indispensable to start a file containing all your pertinent documentation with regard to your accommodation and university. Add all important documentation in your file, such as accommodation booking confirmations, enrolment information, acceptance letters, and other receipts.

Check What Is Already Provided In Your new Accommodation

University halls around the country don’t offer the same features and amenities. For instance, some are equipped with a complete range of kitchen appliances in their communal areas, whereas others do not. Check your hall’s website to glean an idea of what you need to take along and what you don’t. This would thwart you from purchasing redundant items.


You need to plan meticulously when it comes to packing. You should start planning and collecting all the vital supplies as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Cardboard boxes are good for packing as they can be flattened later and stored or you can use plastic stacking boxes as they can be utilized or stashed away during the year. Once you have bought everything you need, start packing trivial things a week before the move-day and continue to pack and re-check until the last day to make sure you are good to go.

Using these handy tips will make sure that your transition into the most important phase of your life goes without a hitch. Remember to stay focused and plan ahead. Click here to see more important tips and advices about moving into university accommodation.