How to create Facebook page that attracts at least 1000 fans in 1 month

The advent of the internet has given way to the development of different applications, software and platforms. The technological space has seen a giant leap in the past few years and there has been a phenomenal increase in various internet based platforms. Facebook is one of the hottest and happening social network platforms that have created a huge base online. The popular social networking platform Facebook is widely accepted all over the world and is now looked upon as an online trendsetter.

Creating a Facebook page for a business or service with the help of a social media influencer agency helps it attract a lot of benefits and opportunities. In order for the Facebook page to achieve maximum reach and success, it is important to pay attention to few important aspects. The success of a Facebook page depends solely on its reach which could be determined by the number of fans and likes that the page gets. Let us see how to get or attract a minimum of 1000 Facebook fans for a page:

Invite friends to become fans

One of the best ways to start getting more fans to the Facebook page is to start inviting friends to become fan for the page. Ensure that you check and send invitations to your friends on your Facebook profile as well as email contacts. Remember to include the email contacts when sending invitations as not all of them in the email contacts would be able to become your friends. This is one of the best ways to make people visit your page, take a look at it and become its fan. It is also possible to send messages to your friends directly.

Get yourself a customized page URL

Back in the days when Facebook pages were initially introduced, it was necessary for your page to have 25 likes before you could get yourself a customized URL. But that’s no longer the case. So, if you haven’t got yourself a customized page URL as of yet, you need to get one right away! For this purpose, add in your business name to the URL. If another business is already using it, just come up with a variation.

Promote your post

If you are willing to spend a bit of cash, then it would be best for you to promote the posts that you make by means of through the news feed. In order to enhance the exposure of your posts to your existing fans, along with your fans and their friends, you can expect to spend anywhere between $5 – $200. Although you will be spending out a significant amount of money, the exposure that your posts and pages would receive is simply incomparable. Visit for more information.