Day-boarding for kids in Dubai is recommended for working parents

Dubai is filled with popular and globally renowned companies that it is viewed as a job hub. More offices are established and almost everything is available in this city. World class health care to top class education centers. With all these infrastructure and growth, families in large numbers have settled in this area. This has given rise to day boarding centers and day care centers as well.


Day boarding centers are in plenty of numbers. Most centers boast of blazing testimonials and great reputation from satisfied parents. Yet, it is best not to believe them blindly, when it comes to sending your child to any of the day-boarding for kids. It is important to know if it suits your child’s personality and if it has all the required amenities. A thorough homework is a must, prior to arriving at a decision.


Nowadays, parents work for longer hours to afford the standard of living and to send their kids to best primary schools in Dubai. So, give more time and choose a suitable place. Day-boarding is the right place as they are exposed to socialize with other children. They also are exposed to letters, numbers, colors and shapes.


These kids caring centers are the best options for single parents or for working parents. Centers now accept babies and toddlers as well. These are full time and yearly programs. Day boarding for kids offers a wonderful time that the kids play in the presence of well trained teachers. Your kids are taught good manners. Parental care is a must for kids. As this is not possible with employed parents, the need of day boarding becomes inevitable. The top qualities to look for before leaving your kid under a day boarding care is recommended and they are:


  • There should be a proper connection between the interests of your child and the ability of the day boarding caretakers to meet them.
  • Check the ratio given to children. If one caretaker has more than 3 kids, it is certain that the caretaker may not be able to give proper attention.
  • It is mandatory to have a continuous relationship. You should be able to talk to them frequently and your child should feel comfortable with their day boarding.
  • Ask if they have trained staff and is aware of health, child development and safety.
  • Check the cleanliness levels. This is also important. Look for disinfectant sprays, sanitizers and hand soaps, it should be gentle. Look for mop buckets, disinfectants and other cleaning supplies. Visit for more information.