5 Things You Need To Check Before You Enroll Your Child To a Nursery School

Your child’s formative years is crucial to his development. This development starts at home when we teach our kids the fundamental knowledge to help shaped their personality and intellect. But sooner or later, our kids need to venture outside our home and learn from a credible institution.

To continue their development, we must choose the best nursery schools in Abu Dhabi to enhance their intellect and make sure that their learning experience is a memorable and pleasurable one.


  1. Progressive curriculum

A progressive curriculum should not only focus on education, but it should also touch the important areas on a child’s development – from physical development to cognitive development. Before enrolling your child to a nursery school, check their curriculum and ask what are the activities involved on each subject and how is this being executed. Of course, the activities and learning techniques that will be given should be as fun as educational. Learning through fun and playful activities is important in child’s development.


  1. Reliable teaching staff

The teaching staff or the teachers plays an important role on one’s learning. Since they are dealing with toddlers, the approach is far different when dealing with older student. Ensure that the teachers are trained to deal with kids and they have the necessary skills sets to teach nursery students. Their teaching methods should be easy for a child to understand.  If possible, ask the school representative on teaching techniques that they apply on their institution.


  1. Child-proofed facilities and safety guidelines

Kids will be kids. They will jump, run all over the place, and play as much as they can. There will be lots of movement inside the space so safety should be a top priority. Ensure that the place is child-proofed and they take the necessary pre-caution in case an accident happens. Just to be sure, you can check the space and see if the equipment and fixtures follows the standard child-proofing standards. You can also ask the school representative about their safety policies and guidelines.


  1. Location

The school’s location is crucial for toddler’s parents. As much as possible, choose a nursery school that is near your area, so in case of emergencies you can immediately drive to the place. It is also should be accessible to private vehicles.


  1. License to operate

Lastly, the nursery school should have the necessary papers and documents to operate. This is to ensure that the facility follows the standard and rules set by the government.


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