Factors You Need to Mind To Excel on Fairs and Expos

Expos and fair are very important events that lots of companies participated in. This is an event where companies and retailers can introduce their companies and showcase their products for their intended audience to see.


It can also be an opportunity to meet your potential clients personally and convince them try your products and services. This and more other positive reasons why marketing managers and brand activation agencies in Dubai still include expos on their strategies. But it is not enough that you join, you need to put an extra effort to excel on this activity and achieve your expo goals. Here’s how:


  1. Attractive booth design


An ingenious booth design is a combination of installation things: concept, fabrication, and installation. When these three are perfectly planned and executed, you can be sure to stand out amongst the sea of generic booth in the event. And when you stand out, fair and expo visitors are sure to visit your booth. This will give your people chance to interact with as many people as possible. And of course, higher chance of getting sales and customer database for your future references.


  1. Competent Staff and representatives


Your booth staff will be serve as the frontliners of your brand and will be representing your company to hordes of people. So having a competent people working on this field is a must. Before sending them out on the event, be sure that they are well-trained to face customers and deal with questions that people will inquire. Give them time to study your products and services and acquaint them on what the company stood for.


  1. Interactive presentations


The good ole’ ways of presenting your products may need some updating. Aside from photos and brochures, invest on a virtual tour or a 3D presentation to attract and engage users. 3D animation in Dubai are topnotch when giving audiences better experience of knowing a product or a service. It is interactive so the audience can be fully engage and it is close to reality so your potential buyers can see the products for themselves. The staff will have an easier time explaining your offerings as the audience can visually see what you got for them.


  1. Unique giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? But just because it is free, it doesn’t mean that you have to give them dull giveaways. Take this opportunity to establish a presence on your target audiences’ homes by giving them memorable giveaways for them to remember your company by.